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Large Blue Standing Gnome


Large High Gloss Bright Blue Standing Gnome

This fun riding large blue standing gnome figure has been made by getting inspired from the nostalgic infant tale of 'Snow White and Seven Dwarfs'. This dwarf gnome can be the reason for your children's curved lips if kept in their room. It has a bright and glossy blue finish that will add up to your room's beauty. This phenomenal piece is waiting to get added to your home decor plan. Place this in your room to put your guests on gloating mode. This piece is surely going to be the keystone in lifting your home decor plan to the next level. Let your child's room decipher new faces of elegance with this one-in-thousand piece of furniture. This gnome figure is going to replicate your juxtaposing taste of simplicity and elegance.

STYLE: Quirky

SHAPE: Standing gnome figure

COLOUR: Bright blue

MATERIAL: Polyresin

USAGE: Home decor

DIMENSION: Height60.5 x Weight23 x Depth21cm

Product Id: 888141