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1.    Check your measurements. 
Absolutely! Checking the measurements is crucial when buying furniture or any other item online. It's essential to understand the scale of the product and how it will fit into the space you have in mind. Be sure to measure the height, width, and depth of the item and compare them to the dimensions of the space where you plan to put it. This will help you ensure that the item will fit and not look too big or too small. Additionally, check the item's weight capacity, especially for items like shelves, chairs, and beds, to ensure that it can support the weight you need it to. Taking the time to check the measurements and weight capacity can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.


2.    Buying sofa.
Those are excellent points to consider when buying a sofa online! It's important to make sure that the sofa can fit through all the necessary points of entry and navigate through any tight spaces before making the purchase. Checking if the arms and legs can be removed for delivery is also crucial since it can make the process much easier. Be sure to measure all the turning points on stairs and narrow spaces to ensure that the sofa can be maneuverered easily. Additionally, consider the placement of radiators and door frames to ensure that the sofa will fit comfortably in the room. If necessary, consider removing the door or architrave to make enough space for the sofa to fit. Taking these factors into account can help ensure that you end up with a sofa that fits perfectly in your space.


3.    Imagine and mask out your space.
Excellent advice here! Once you have established the measurements, marking them out on the floor using masking tape can give you a better sense of the space the furniture will take up in 3D. It's essential to consider the thoroughfares and leave enough space for people to walk around comfortably. For example, leaving at least 90cm between a sofa and a coffee table is necessary if it's the passage to the window. A dining chair needs at least 1m of space to be pushed back, and someone should be able to stand up without any obstruction. When considering the height of furniture, remember that a low bed will take up a lot of floor space, but it won't dominate the room as much as a high footboard design. If space is tight, opt for a bed without a tall footboard. Additionally, remember to account for the frame's size when considering the mattress's size, as the frame will be several centimetres wider and longer than the mattress. Taking these factors into account can help you make the most of the space available and choose furniture that fits comfortably in your home.


4.    Zoom in pictures.
It's essential to drill into the details when shopping for furniture online. Look for lots of pictures, even if they are functional and not fancy. See the piece from all angles, up close, and in detail. It's especially important to inspect the material in detail. When looking at different colour options, always opt for the palest version, as it will allow you to see the details better than the dark one. For instance, value dining table may look like a great bargain, but on closer inspection, you may realize that is not real marble dining table. While this may not be a problem in itself, make sure you know what you're getting. A zoomed-in shot can also help you assess quality and make of our furniture. By paying attention to the details, you can make informed decisions and avoid disappointment when the furniture arrives.


5.    Read the product description.
Reading the product description is critical when buying furniture online. It's not just about the measurements; you also need to know what the product is made from, where it was made, and if the wood is FSC certified. Is it plastic, wood, or metal? Don't rely on the way it looks, check product descriptions carefully. Make sure that you're getting what you want and that it meets your needs.


6.    Request material samples for Made to Order Sofas.
Requesting samples is a great idea. We, Fit & Furnish Ltd offer free fabric or material samples for made to order items, and it's worth taking advantage of this service. Seeing and feeling the materials in person can make a big difference in your decision-making process. This is particularly important for large purchases like sofas, where the fabric or leather can greatly affect the comfort and durability of the piece. Similarly, colour samples can help you visualize how a piece will look in your space and can save you from costly mistakes.


7.    Check the delivery terms.
Additionally, it's also important to check the delivery timeframe, in stock items or due dates for any potential delays. Your order will be delivered within a specific time window. Please review the delivery options and costs and ensure that they are acceptable to you.


8.    Access points in your home.
Taking measurements of the access points is crucial to ensure that the furniture will fit through the doorways and up or down the stairs without any issues. It's always better to double-check and contact us if there are any doubts or questions about the delivery process.


9.    Check assembly requirements.
It's important to review the assembly requirements before making a purchase, especially for larger pieces of furniture. Make sure you have the necessary tools and skills to assemble the furniture or consider hiring a professional to do it for you. Some furniture may require special tools or skills, such as power tools or carpentry skills, so it's important to be prepared before making the purchase. And if you're not comfortable assembling furniture yourself, it's always better to seek professional help rather than risk damaging the furniture or injuring yourself.


10.    Inspect it closely, check for any damage.
It's important to inspect the furniture as soon as it's delivered and check for any damage or defects. If you notice any issues, be sure to inform the delivery person right away and document the damage with photographs if possible. You should also contact Fit & Furnish Ltd to report the issue. It's always best to address any issues as soon as possible to ensure a timely and satisfactory resolution.


These tips will help you make an informed decision when purchasing furniture from us, Fit & Furnish Ltd. While some may seem obvious, it is essential to pay attention to the details to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.