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HMO, Care Home & Office Furniture - HB Furniture Ltd

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So, now you have found a need, How are you going to pay for it??

Well here is an idea for you Limited Companies to keep your cash in your pocket, and spread the cost of your refurb or purchase! Lease Finance  from CASHFLOW LEASING!

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We can offer limited company customers, an alternative payment option, from the traditional purchase or Hire purchase options. Leasing is tax efficient, and doesn't show against their individual or company credit, as the lease is secured against the assets (items supplied).

The minimum order value is £2000 nett, and must be from a VAT reg supplier, (which WE are).We will raise an invoice for payment for our customer, once the lease has been approved, 

There are two options for our customers: 

Pre-Delivery Finance this is where we, the supplier is paid typically 3 days before delivery.
  *Please note with Pre-Delivery Finance, because we will be paid before the delivery has taken place, the customer is asked to sign a Pre-Delivery Letter / declaration, confirming you agree for the lease to be set up at the invoiced amount. Once the lease has been activated this amount it is unable to be changed, so if an item needs to be changed or replaced it will be between the customer and ourselves  to work out the monetary difference and advise the Lease Finance Company of the item changes and cost.